Thursday, October 7, 2010

Autumn Snuggling

by Eileen

First, thank you to Kimberlee for allowing me to share her magpie nest! We'll both have much to feather it with as we go along, I am sure.

Here in British Columbia you just know when the season has turned from summer to fall. It's like someone flipping a cosmic switch and re-setting everything to misty, gray days, dampness in the air, emerald-green moss appearing between every patio brick, and maple leaves yellowing at the edges almost as you watch.

Today was the first real sweater day of the season, in my view, and I reached for one of my old favorites - the first sweater I made with my knitting machine (which I really need to break out again one day soon). Above and beyond the fun of seeing those rows come together so quickly, I love the heathery quality of this multi-hued yarn and the asymmetry of the collar. This was all my own design. It's wonderfully oversized and makes you want to dance through the nearest park, kicking your way through fallen leaves and looking for windfall apples.

The buttons have a special story. When the Globe Theatre was being recreated in London, traditional methods were used throughout, except as required by code, to build the structure, including the woodworking for the seating and railings and such. The leftover bits were turned into buttons. So this sweater carries a piece of Shakespearean lore with it in the form of the square oak buttons. I have a card of round ones somewhere as well...we'll have to see where they turn up.

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