Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Something Wicked this Way Comes

Confession - I unabashedly love Halloween, so much so that I coo over Martha Stewart's Magazine, which I usually ignore.  I was pretty impressed with this year's 10 dollar opus on Halloween, which I have read cover to cover (albeit during trips to the grocery store - I can't be the only one who sees those places as lending libraries).  Anyway, I spent a big part of my weekend decorating our balcony, and my goal was to spend as little cash as possible buying new things.  I think it turned out pretty well.

Our chairs got the leaf garland treatment, I had this left over from a post-Halloween sale last year.

I sunk a large rock and a Styrofoam block into  a coffee can and put that into a larger pot.  I gathered several spooky-looking branches, spray painted them black, and sunk them into the foam.  I just added spanish moss and little ghosts made of cheesecloth.

 This is the spiderweb wall.  That stuff sticks to everything.
 The spooky "graveyard."  My pretty fairy statues look like creepy angels covered in the webbing.
 YIKES!  See?
 A fairly good view of most of the right side.
 Mr. Bones presides over the balcony.  He was also picked up last year after Halloween.

I'll try tonight to take some decent night photos from the ground.  All that webbing looks neat lit up with the orange lighting, the balcony seems to glow, and looks like a little haunted room.

Oh, unless I forget:


As far as sewing is concerned, I don't have a costume in the pipeline, unfortunately.  I am working on a red vinyl purse, which is going to look really cool.  I've also been drooling over fabric flowers , which are literally all over the sewing and crafting blogs.  I've been cutting squares of coordinating fabric to try some, and I'll post the results.

As far as bigger projects, I've been planning on getting started with the Coordinating Wardrobe. I need to go get fabric for the Wardrobe, I don't usually have anything larger than a yard hanging around, which brings me to my final thought:

 I plan on making the dress several times, with differing sleeve and hem lengths, if it turns out as nice as the pattern looks (I'm going to try it in a cotton/cashmere mix as well as sweatshirt material), and I do have one jersey fabric lying around that is going to be the "basis" of my coordination.  It's a lovely retro pattern, and the only thing I have that's over a yard. Is it just me who experiences anxiety cutting into a new fabric, or starting a project?   I hem and haw over which fabric to use for stuff, even fabric less than a yard and small projects.
I'm often scared to death of cutting into fabric - I know I'm going to make lots of mistakes sewing!  Does anyone else have these issues?


  1. Our balcony looks fantastic, darling. You did an awesome job decorating for the holiday. It "screams" Halloween!

    Love you.

  2. It looks like you had serious fun putting that balcony together. (That is an oxymoron, I'm sure, but I still think it is an apt description.) Also love the pattern you are looking to make. A very classy, Audrey Hepburn-ish, look about it. Please post when done.


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