Thursday, October 7, 2010

The A-Line, the Stitch and the Wardrobe Series

by Kimberlee

I have an obsession that I suspect many of you share - JoAnn's one dollar pattern deals.  It's a great chance to save tons of cash (my last receipt told me that I had saved 107 dollars!), and to pick up stuff I would normally feel guilty about.  I would normally never buy a pattern full price anyway, unless I really need it, but what beats ten patterns to fawn over, for ten bucks?  Nothing.

My last bacchanalia brought home about half practical-half frivolous patterns from Butterick.  True revelation - I fawn over their Making History series, and picked up a caplet dress and muff, a collection of shirts, old-timey nighties, and gloves.  I have no idea what I'll do with gloves, and they look really hard, but every other pattern has something I can use. I really want to make the cape and muff with modern fabrics- the cape would look supercute with plaid and faux fur- and of course the PJs.

Another awesome thing I discovered in my dig was the Lifestyle Wardrobe Series (not everything on the link is from the series).  I picked up the cool V-neck dress centered wardrobe.

Part of the reason I love this so much is that the central dress is basic but necessary, and what a deal to get a jacket, scarf, skirt, top and pants (which I am going to use in my ongoing creation of a pajama wardrobe - that's for another post)!  The pants are no great shakes, I like my daytime pants to have non-elastic closure, but imagine taking this to your fabric store and picking up a bunch of coordinating fabrics.  That's what I dig about the Wardrobe Series - you can stamp your taste on the basic shapes, and it's a great bang for the buck (literally), even if you are paying the full price of $16.95. 

Speaking of the Historical patterns, I purchased one earlier for the Ren Faire, and am almost done with the wide, non-corset belt that will look amazing with almost any dress.  I can really see it with the basic dress from the are-mentioned project.

I know it doesn't look mostly finished, but trust it is!

So of course now I have plenty of patterns, and now the problem is fabric.  I wish JoAnns had one dollar fabric days....

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