Tuesday, October 12, 2010

MORE flowers

One of my favorite sewing blogs, Adventures in Dressmaking, had a new tutorial on flower-making.  I HAD to put it up!

Fancy Fabric Flowers Two Ways


  1. It's possible to do some great fabric flowers - of the general rose sort - if you buy a roll of 3" or 4" wide organza ribbon and just kind of play with it, hand-pleating or gathering at one end with a running thread until you like the look and then tying it off. I made a few for a rosette on my daughter's dress portraying Catherine The Great for a middle school "Gallery of Fame" research project, and they worked out beautifully. After you've done them large, smaller widths of ribbon can be really delicate and fine.

  2. You should do one for a tutorial! I've made a small basket of favorite scraps for making flowers when I'm not working on a bigger project.

    Now that I've read my sewing book manual, I feel much better about trying your ribbon project!!


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