Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pillow Project - Pillow #1

Thanks, everyone, for your great suggestions for pillows!  I decided to make several pillows, so here's Pillow #1.  I decided to focus on texture for this one.

This pillow is incredibly soft - the shell is natural flannel, a new favorite fabric of mine.

The flowers are made of denim, muslin and flannel, and the adorable buttons were Christmas gifts from my co-Magpie...aren't they pretty and shiny?

I decided to sew inside the circles so that the edges of the flowers would eventually fray and give the pillow a pretty, almost shabby chic effect.

So pillow number one is done! Thank you again for all the advice, much of which I will be using as I go along.  Take care and much love!

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  1. Hi Kimberlee - thanks for visiting my blog and entering the note card giveaway! I appreciate your kind words about my art.

    These cushions are so creative - I love the flowers.

    I hope you reach your goal of making a quilt - they're hard work but fun to do!


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