Monday, January 24, 2011

I am I am I am Superman, and I Can do Anything

by Kimberlee

Well, that's an exaggeration...but I did make my first cape!

It was minus 30 the other day, so it might be a while before I wear it outside, but I'm pretty happy with it.  The only thing I'm going to add is a small snap in the collar to help it stand up more attractively.  Here are some more shots:

Awesome Frog Closure

I used McCalls 5764 (C), which has been seen in several other blogs; I've spotted it in Sew Store Bought and Adventures in Dressmaking.

I made a few changes to the cape - I added a pink flannel lining and found a beautiful vintage frog closure on Etsy in lieu of the buttons.

The pink lining
I had really wanted to make the belt, but I just couldn't figure out how to do it without ruining the cape.  Perhaps at a later date, I'll add it.  If I feel like it!  I like it how it is, frankly.

The frog was my favorite addition.  I wanted something special to offset both the simplicity and the exaggerated shape of the cape, and immediately came up with a Chinese Frog, but I had no idea they'd be so difficult to find!  JoAnn's only had 3 different kinds, all of which were too small.  Even the internet lacked in a decent selection.  NOW I see why there are more tutorials than inventory for frogs, and next time I will definitely learn how.  But I lucked into this beautiful vintage one on Etsy, and my second set of eyes (my husband) thought it was awesome, too.

Some other photos:

Me & my Helper

So I'm pretty jazzed!  What's coming up next?  Lots of Valentines stuff, of course.  I'm also teaching myself to knit, working on my first quilt square, AND making a dress from my own pattern - another first!  So please stop over again soon, become a follower, leave a message!  I love hearing from you all, you are true inspirations.


  1. It looks great and even better when you have it on. It is you! Congratulations on the great sewing job.


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