Friday, January 28, 2011

Valentine's Day Rose Pot

I'm loving Valentine's Day crafts this year.  I love the bright pinks and reds against the background of a long winter - it's very fresh and appealing.  And I love Valentine's Day crafts.  There is a lovely appeal of a sweet and simple crafted heart, the deliciousness of a cookie.....

I had received this beautiful music paper in a craft supply trade with Meridian Road , and I really wanted to use it in a V-Day craft, so here's what I came up with:

A lovely flowerpot

I was really thrilled with how it came out!  I had a terrible craft&sewing day a few days ago- nothing I made worked out, and I had to ditch several projects.  We don't always list our big FAILS, so scrolling through craft blogs becomes hard when all you see are lovely and graceful successes! Most especially if you've had a hard day of not even being able to sew a stuffed heart, or cut a quilt square right side up.  So imagine how happy I am to bring you the tutorial for this cute little pot!

You'll need:

Clay pot
Mod Podge
White craft paint (optional)
Decorative paper to decoupage
Felt - pink, red, white or a combination (about 4 sheets)
Foam ball (that sits comfortably in the lip of pot) or floral foam
Glue (tacky or hot)

I started out by painting my pot white, just so any gaps in my 'podging wouldn't really show.  After that dried, I tore my paper into strips and began covering the pot.

After I covered the pot, I let that dry and began making my felt roses.  I decided to use the Felt Rosette tutorial to crate the flowers.  I used two different colors, but I think this would look equally nice with any combo you wanted.

I happened to have some floral foam lying around, so I used a knife to shape that into a round shape.  You could also use a foam ball or half ball, depending on what you like and have.  A ball resting on the lip would give a more topiary shape and would require more rosettes.

I ended up only using part ofthe whit e and red, the extras have gone into my notions storage.

All you have to do then is glue your rosettes on your foam!  I used Tacky Glue, because I had it, but hot glue would probably work better. I DO like that if I get tired of this arrangement, I can just pop the foam out and the pot will be unharmed.

Remember, Valentine's Day doesn't need to be stressful or difficult, your loved ones would rather have your time and attention than anything, and there is no need to spend a lot on decorations!  Here are some of my favorite ideas so far:

Felt Cookies at Pamela Susan
Window Garland from Noodlehead
Paper Heart Garland by How About Orange
Pretty Window Hearts by Quiltish
Banner from Fast Daze


  1. How cute! The sheet music looks great mod podged to the pot, and those flowers are just plain CUTE! Very fun project. :)

  2. Very cute. Mod Podge is so awesome!


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