Friday, January 7, 2011

A Pretty Pillow Problem

I think it was just that I was overwhelmed with pillow choices - I love buying pillows but haven't in ages, as it seems kind of pointless when you can make them for sooooooo much less.  For me, the price of the fabric really has to justify the price of a pillow (as generally the stuffing is negligible) because you are sewing a SQUARE.  So no matter how cool a pillow is, I'm haunted by a depression-era voice from yesteryear, "It's a SQUARE!  You could make that!"  Honestly, if I ever learn to screenprint (and knit - it's on the list!) I won't be able to justify A SQUARE ever.

What makes throw pillows so damned expensive?  I mean, really - what?  I think spending 30 dollars on a faux fur coyote throw pillow from Restoration Hardware is actually sort of reasonable, as that works out to not much more than buying the supplies.  And it's so fluffy:

Coyote Pillows
My whirlwind tour of pillow inspirations pulled up several lovelies:

Koko Pillow - 128 DOLLARS

UO's Gingham Ruffle Pillow

UO's Grey Wool Vines Pillow

Creole Pillow from Target
So looking for pillow tutorials would be the next logical step, right? 

Well, as we know, corporations have nothing on the creativity of the individual, and if I thought that looking for inspiration from companies was tough - what artist-crafters had made was much more overwhelming.  I was truly moved by projects from the subtle to the sublime.  The feminine trends of ruffles and flowers were in abundance!  Like I said earlier, I get easily overwhelmed.  I know that my apartment will never look like a set from an Anthropologie catalog, but it doesn't stop me from striving, and every blog seems to have amazing ideas.  So it is difficult to focus!  Look at me, in one paragraph I've gone from pillows to once again contemplating how to be happy with my shelving.  That means right after I submit this, once again I'm pulling everything down from the darn things. *sigh*

Oh right, pillows!

I have SO MANY pillow projects bookmarked.  It's ridiculous.  I seriously do not know what to do.  I'd love to hear any pillows you have done/bought lately that you have LOVED.  I need to reduce my options, as it were, and get some advice, already.

OK, time to hit the shelf.  Any advice on how to spruce up shelves?


  1. I actually don't remember the last time I bought any pillows. Maybe when my children were babies for their room???
    I think that nice, beautiful pillows are overpriced. However, if I were to buy (or make) some that would be pillowcases. I already have too many pillows.

  2. I like to use throw pillows as an easy way to display my favorite fabric prints. I tend not to piece them or add distracting frilly stuff because it just detracts from a great print. Then when I'm ready for something new, the pillow migrates to a different room or I just cut the pillow apart and still have a big square of my favorite fabric to work with.

  3. These pillows are all really nice. I'm one of those girls who love to buy all sorts of pillows and then usually had no where to put them. :) Following. Your blog seems to be really good and interesting. Keep it up! :) If you get a chance, please visit my blog. It's different to yours, so I would love if you could comment on how you feel about my blog. I like different opinions. Of course if you like it feel free to follow. Thanks.

  4. My favorite pillows are those that I make out of quilt block squares! My rocking chair still has the back pad and cushion that I made when my daughter was born (albeit under a throw that goes better with the color scheme of the room it's in now, and which responds better to the introduction of black cat fur). Same for the cushions on the kitchen chairs, back when we had a kitchen table.

  5. Those are some great pillows. I love the gingham one. I haven't bought any for so long, I really can't remember the last one I bought. I have 3 pillow forms just waiting for covers, though.

    Speaking of shelves, I saw a really cute idea on Home Sweet Homemade the other day. She covered her books-not a new idea-but her spin was pretty good.


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