Saturday, November 27, 2010

I Can't Believe I Didn't Think of this Sooner! Flannel Slip *Tutorial*

by Kimberlee

There are just some moments in life where I slap my forehead and say, "It's so simple!  Why didn't I do this sooner?!"

While I was sewing my underskirt for the flannel petticoat, I was not only thinking about how much I was looking forward to making another with a different technique, but how warm the A-line underskirt would be in the Minnesota winter.  And while I was making the skirt, I thought, "Maybe a flannel skirt WOULD be nice."  Then it occurred to me that maybe a flannel SLIP would be nice, so all my skirts would be toasty!

I've never seen a flannel slip in my life.  It's difficult enough to find a decent slip anyway, and I'm a big fan.  I COULD wax poetic about slips, and how we should all still be wearing them, but I'll spare you and get to the good stuff.

You'll need
- a slip that you want a flannel version of
- Flannel (I like natural color for this, but heck, use whatever you want)
- Thread (I'm using a contrast color, just for fun
- Elastic
- Craft paper

 Measure your slip and transfer your pattern onto the craft paper.  Cut 2 panels from the flannel.

 Remember to mark the place where your slip has slits, flip panels inside out and sew down to the slits.  I chose to then turn the skirt right side out and sew my hem by folding the fabric under.  Make sure to hem the top of the skirt leaving enough room to insert the elastic, and an unsewn opening to insert the elastic.

slit markings

 I like to measure my elastic by putting it around the place where I want it to fit, and stretching it to where I feel comfy.  This elastic was a little wide for my slip, so I trimmed it down.  Seriously, sometimes you don't need to run out to get something else, especially something that will be entirely unseen in a few seconds.  And you know what to do next - put a safety pin on the end of the elastic and thread it through!  Stitch the elastic, sew up the open hole, and you are done!

 You are now ready to rock the Winter Skirt look much more warmly!  You can certainly cuten up the slip by adding little rosettes, or a bow, ruffle, or whatever else floats your boat.

Thanks, and have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Love it! That's a really great idea, def bookmarking it :)

  2. Thank you Sara! I'm sure you can make it much prettier!

  3. This is so clever, dear! Such a smart idea. I always love it when you wear skirts, but I know that winter is a tough time. Way to go in figuring out how to manage this problem!

  4. I'm a skirt-wearer year-round myself, and think this is a smashing idea -- will DEFINITELY try it before New York State freezes up! Thanks!!!!

  5. So fantastic! I'm Canadian, so this will definitely come in handy. :)

  6. Funny I had one to wear under my Civil War era dress with a hoop but never thought to make one for my regular clothes. Thanks for the great idea!!

  7. Thank you so much. I have been trying to think of a way to do this with fleece or flannel. I can stop thinking now.

  8. I made my first flannel slip a few years ago with the intention of making a flannel overskirt. But I never got around to it. This is an awesome reminder. Thanks so much! And I LOVE your lovely job!!

  9. Awesome! I, too, have to brave Minnesota winters. This is genius!

  10. You might want to think of fusing or sewing a flannel lining under a silky fabric so that your skirt will slide nicely over the silky side and be warm and cozy on the skin side. Just a thought!

  11. I have been making some dresses to wear to Church lately, and am thinking ahead to wintertime. The dresses are poly/cotton, so I knew that wouldn't keep me warm at all! So, I googled for "flannel slip" and found your page. :) Thank you!


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