Sunday, November 21, 2010

Auction Goodies On Offer

I'm cross-posting this from Facebook and also from the site on which Kimberlee and I first "met" before we had the pleasure of meeting in person: the Fox News watchdog site News Hounds and its companion Forum. Earlier in the decade we routinely conducted informal holiday auctions of regular readers' and contributors' arts and crafts to raise money to support the volunteer-run site. After a couple of years off, the custom has returned!

Magpie Shinies visitors are all cordially invited to visit the public Facebook album hosting our auction here. The auction has just begun, but we already have a couple of beaded items from me and also some beautiful prints of original paintings by another of our regulars. I daresay we will see, if not specific items from Kim, perhaps the opportunity to commission something from her? New items will be posted as they come in, so check back often. If you see anything that you would like to place a bid on, just read the instructions in the caption to the first image in the album - the "title card" - for the details.

I realize our process is a little more informal and clunky than, say, Etsy or eBay. News Hounds really does run on a shoestring, though, and we wanted to try for an approach that depends on no more investment than the creativity of the donors and the human energy required to administer the project.

Finally, here's one of my first items on offer, to whet your appetite! I have plenty of furnace glass in my bead stash, thanks to last year's Tucson show, so maybe I'll make another one and turn it into a tutorial!

Hope to see you at the auction.


  1. Extremely cute!! :) I love to make jewellery, it is so much fun! I really should post more pictures of jewellery I've made on my blog. Oh well :)
    I like the simplicity in the above piece. :)

  2. Oh, by the way, how do you get the "you might also like" thing on each of your posts? :O

    Thanks xx :)


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