Monday, November 1, 2010

Awesome Find - DIY Couture

I found this amazing sewing project and cannot let go of how awesome of an idea it is.  DIY produces booklets and lots of computer support so you can create your own full wardrobe.  The designs are made for the novice, and each basic design offers several variations on each basic design.  From their Facebook:

DIYcouture make how-to instruction books that help people to sew their own clothes from scratch. The books are for people who would like couture clothing without the couture price tag and affordable clothing that has not been produced using sweatshop labour.

The books are fully comprehensible to even the novice seamster, guiding the sewingly-challenged through the making journey with photographs and full colour diagrams.

The books provide people with the capacity to add their own shape and ideas to a design, allowing them to escape the one-size-fits-all of high street fashion.

Ordering the booklets in the US costs about as much as your average pattern booklet, and the designs are really beautiful.  Check it out!

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