Monday, March 21, 2011

Fudge Truffle Glaze (Drool...)

by Kimberlee

I'd like to straight up thank Stacy from Not Just a Housewife for the inspiration for this idea.  We found our coffee table at Goodwill, and I had been trolling the craft-o-sphere for ages for something to do with it.  When I came across her blog, it cracked me up how her table looked like a less-wide version of my table!  They are certainly from the exact same era.

So here it is:
Some cats come when called, Scrabble knows the sound of the camera turning on
Isn't it hideous?  Not even didn't even go with anything else.  And you have to tread carefully repainting these because they don't have clean lines, or even classic lines.  I guess it's "classic" in that everyone has, at one time or another, had furniture in their house that looks almost exactly like this.  And they are built so well that they just exist forever - never breaking, like an eternal Stonehenge of Bad Style.

But that's the upside, right?  They are well-made, which is why we bought it (that and the ten dollar price tag).  I was very close to just spray painting it black and calling it a day when I found Stacy's tute, and while her color/style scheme wouldn't work for my interior, I could see what the process would look like at the end, with a piece of furniture like mine.  Godsend!

I used Olympic Brass Mesh for the main coat, and PP Fudge Truffle for the glaze (mmmm....Fudge Truffle Glaze...drool).

First I took the doors off, and spray painted the table several coats of grey.  I've found that with more assertive colors, grey primer definitely produces better & richer results.  On its own, though, it's pretty damned ugly:

Hideous, but still a minor improvement

  So here's after a couple of. coats of Brasss Mesh:

OK, full confession.  At this point, I'm scared.  Like, legitimately thinking I've made a big decorating blunder,  I'm having the worst time ever trying to paint those weird post things, and frankly the color looks wrong wrong wrong.  I'm thinking I'm going to have a fried egg in front of the futon.  But I said a few prayers to the decorator's god (Interiorius?) and pushed forward.

And was happily rewarded!  The color dried into a mellow, golden corn shade.  I hadn't even meant for it to look like another kind of wood, but it actually almost did.  Happy dance!

I have to admit, this was the fun part...
Distressing this was the most fun I've had with furniture in ages.  I used sanding paper for the corners and edges (and those damned legs), and a hammer and chisel for the scratches.  Then I glazed it inside and out with the Fudge Truffle (drool), applying and wiping off with a flannel rag.  So here's some shots of the final results!

I was especially happy with how the door turned out.  The handles were painted gold using some craft paint

My favorite corner!
My yarn basket looks so pretty in there
The whole shebang!
So I'm pretty happy with it, especially given this being the first time I've ever glazed a piece of furniture, although I'm definitely using this method again.

I've got some fun things coming up for you here in the future.  We just started our plants indoor, which will eventually be planted in our first community garden experience.  I also have some of my first knitting stuff to show you which will coincide with another giveaway, and I'll be starting to put together my ren faire dress.  The biggest news is that I'm settling on my items for opening an etsy shop, and hope to open that soon.  And we're almost to 50 followers, a fact that overjoys me!  Take care guys, and if you've made it this far down, please leave a comment.  I lovelove getting your comments, they make my day.
Will pimp Scrabble for comments


  1. It turned out awesome!!! Great job. I love that yours has places for a basket and books :) Be sure to link it up to "Share your projects" on the top of my blog. I am sure everyone will love to see it.

  2. You did a beautiful job on the coffee table, darling. It looks absolutely fantastic in the living room! Nice progress pics, too.

  3. that looks SO much better! i used to do this sort of thing weekly in LA, one of the good things about living there: the use of a car, and the many many cheap mid century pieces waiting for a redo on craigslist. kudos!

  4. Great job, as always. I do like the color of the glaze.

  5. Ooo yay! It does look good.

  6. i love love love what you did with it!! the color is great and distressed look is soo in now!!


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