Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Can You Paint with all the Colors of Sherwin?

by Kimberlee

Before my current apartment, I lived with "Renters' White" for 20 years.  TWO decades - almost a QUARTER OF A CENTURY!  So when we were negotiating for a place in the complex we are in,we managed to negotiate one wall per room.  Until I was 17, I lived in a farmhouse, but the only truly bright wall in there was my room from 9 to 15 (it was lavender), but mom was a neutral junkie.

Luckily for both of us, my wonderful husband & I share a taste for bright colors.  Mine is for a bit brighter, so he's excellent for reeling me in a bit, and we're both happy.

The living room paint was used on the back wall, so it's the first thing you see when you walk in the door-

I can't remember the brand, but the color is called Daredevil Red.  I had a small can of it that I had hauled around for a year before we moved somewhere we could use it (and the other gallon we had to get).

A handmade vase with feathers & flowers looks great against the red!

This vase was made by Schaefer Ceramics & Crafts in Freeburg, IL.  They don't seem to have a website, but I do have their email address if anyone is interested.  Their stuff is well made and very reasonably priced for ceramics.

Another piece of theirs:

The Green for the dining room/galley kitchen was more challenging in that you can see it from the living room, so we didn't want anything that looked Christmassey.  We erred on the yellow side of the greens, and while it was close, we ended up covering it with  a slightly darker green to come up with this amazing fresh color:

I have a love of using orange as an accent color -

Many of you probably recognize this fabric from IKEA.  I need to get back  there for more fabric. And  maybe an area rug.

The bathroom color is the only other name I can remember, "Sapphire Lace."  It's such a beautiful, deep ocean color:

The Main Bedroom has been an ongoing process of making it feel more French/exotic.  The paint here, as was the paint in the bathroom, was put on the wall where it could be seen from the hallway.  I wanted a deep violet, one of those evocative colors, and I was thrilled with the results:

The painted wall is sparsely decorated, and we don't have much furniture in the room, but the pieces we have are distinctive...

For the other colors, we've used mirror, silver, soft grey, black and light turquoise.

The only room left that has not been painted is what we call The Relic Room, though we do have the colors narrowed down:
The orange is going to go really well with the antique bedroom set I inherited from my grandparents.  Look for more relics!

Thanks for going on a color tour with me!  I soo appreciated it!  Up soon is my first knitted goods, a contest for when I hit 50 followers, and a coffee table re-do.  I leave you with Scrabble:
Your un-redone coffee table fills me with loathing and disgust


  1. Love the colors. Sorry for missing your giveaway.

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