Tuesday, March 8, 2011

FASHION! Turn to the Left! PART 2 + GIVEAWAY!!!!


If you haven't done so, please read Part 1 of this article!

This one is from 1991, which I could have told you without looking.  There are no dresses, just tops, skirts and a cami.  I love the white and purple outfits, though I would likely update the pants. The notions section calls for shoulder pads in the shirts.  Yeah, I'm never wearing shoulder pads ever again.  EVER.  They'd have to put me in Room 101, and even then I would continue to scream, "There are TWO shoulder pads!"

1977, Simplicity
The blue dress in back is adorable and perfect for summer, as the pattern suggests broadcloth, chambray, challis or pique.  What I find so charming ids that I've seen this dress all over sewing blog tutorials.  It also has internal instructions on how to turn the skirts into pants!  I'm super-excited about putting this in my que.

Aaand, my favorite!

Skirts! Glorious Skirts!

This is just from 2005, and it is amazing.  I swear, I have been LOOKING for this pattern, well not this one, but one with all these sorts of skirts.  I want to make every single skirt here.  The patterns are so universal that you can pretty much use any fabric you want, and Skirt A has both braid and paillette trim!  I can see myself never, ever purchasing a flowy skirt ever again.

And speaking of never again:

"You'll never be startin' something..."
It's not that the pattern calls for triple knit, or that it was lovingly created in my adoptive home city of Minneapolis, in 1986.  It's just that I don't know quite what to make of it.  Them. I suspect I have stumbled across the missing link between matching sweat pants/shirt and velour track suits with "Juicy" printed on the posterior.

The future's so bright.....
The hideousness of the clothing is obvious, as is The Pose of 1986.

And I'll Leave you with the most awesome thing of all times, which is going into my sewing que, sans shoulder pads:

I can't help how much I love this.

AND NOW,  TO THE GIVEAWAY!   It's here for those of you who have been reading (scrolling?) your way through Part 2 and (hopefully) Part one.  This is Magpie Shinies first giveaway!!!!

Remember the lovely skirts pattern?I was lucky enough to get 2 of the same pattern, so I am passing on the luck to you all.  Also included will be two Mystery Patterns from the same stash.  The only hints I will give you is that one is from Butterick, year1972, and the other is New Look, year 1985.


1. This giveaway is only open to residents of the US and Canada.

2. You don't need to become my Google Friend to enter this contest, as I want only friends who truly enjoy Magpie.  That being said, I would LOVE for you to join if you do enjoy!

Either way, to enter please leave a nice comment about this article (I'm not feeling the "constructive criticism" today) or a funny story about working with an older pattern.

3. This contest is open from now to 11:59 pm (US Central time) March 11.  When the clock strikes midnight, the coach turns back into a pumpkin!

So that's it!  I'll leave you with the reason you all REALLY come here, LOL:

Even Scrabble is impressed by the sheer numbers!


  1. I love old patterns but I must admit I've never actually sewn with them... well except for some of those 1986 ones when they were actually new in 1986, but not any of the ones you have pictured so I guess I must have had a little bit of sense back in 1986!

    I'm thinking it would be kind of fun to actually use an old pattern to make the "garment" instead of what I have done in the past which is use the "tissuey" pattern pieces for wrapping! :)


  2. I'm a new follower (my mom is the blogger above who recommended your blog to me).

    The thing about a lot of old patterns is that even if they are a little outdated, they can often be updated (although, the few that you point out don't have any hope). I think this post has inspired me to go on ebay to search for some old(er) patterns!


  3. vintage patterns are SOO back in now!! :)

  4. well, i'll tell ya... i went back and forth on entering because i already have a pattern similar to the peasant skirt.. but the mystery of the 70s and 80s goodies got me!

    so, a nice comment on your post... well, i agree with everything you said about shoulder pads and eighties poses. which mean we are both highly intelligent people. i can't believe i don't have a funny story about working with a vintage pattern. i think it's because vintage patterns just work well :)

    ps: i put a link up on my blog for you. holding giveaways is hard!!!


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