Saturday, April 16, 2011

HELP ME with the Prettiest Grab Bag Fabric Ever

by Kimberlee

One of my best friends and blog mate Eileen (Ralphy Fan) has an uncanny ability to find beautiful and unique fabrics, notions and other doodads.  As you've seen from her posts here, she has an amazing eye and talent, and works in that wonderful space where art and craft marry.  And, a few year ago, she made me a She-Ra costume for Halloween!

Oh yes, I DO have the power!

She is also an amazing quilter, and knows that I want to learn how to quilt, though I'd rather go for something free-form and less precise, and I also get the hot sweats when trying to pick out coordinating fabric. 

So she sent me this lovely Grab Bag from Mostly Silk, operating out of Vancouver.  Here's my package

Aren't the fabrics and notions gorgeous?  I love laying them out and looking at them.  But I have no idea what to do from here - I can't just start cutting.  I want to do something that relies less on precision cutting and more on some sort of quilt impressonism.

So what I wanted to know from you, my lovely readers, is if you have any suggestions, preferably with links, for what I can do.  I need a LOT of handholding on this one.  Eileen, this would be MUCH EASIER if you were here helping me with this, I bet we'd have something gorgeous knocked out and be halfway done with my clothing projects, too.  I've never sewed with anyone else, that sounds so fun!

So thank you in advance for ANY suggestions, sites, links, patterns, etcs you have.  Remember that my experience is exactly zero, though I do know how to sew, which is a plus I hope?

OH!  And I just wanted to remind you that we STILL HAVE A GIVEAWAY, so please enter.  You don't even have to Fan Up to do it!  Please come on over and leave a comment.

No thumbs, and I'm STILL better at French Knots...


  1. i wish i could help you out there... but quilts scare the hell out of me.

    but your she-ra. is AWESOME!

  2. I'd be delighted to sew with you, Kimberlee. Once the chemo garbage is behind you, you and Tom must come and visit. He'd never see anything of either of us, of course, because we'd be in the studio all day and night...

    Most of my goodies from Mostly Silk have been going toward dollhouse upholstery, but for the one other item I did make from her gorgeous fabrics - a tarot-reading cloth - I started by layering fabrics that I thought looked good together on top of one another, moving them back and forth and varying the widths until I liked the balance, at which point I would cut and then continue to build out the process from there. Sort of starting in the middle and moving out in layers. That might be one possible approach for, say, a pillow top.


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