Friday, February 25, 2011

New Sparklies, and the Old - Secondhand Treasures

I love Goodwill. (And for clarification, "Goodwill" is like Splenda is like Kleenex, I use it for all secondhand/thrift stores that aren't fancy-schmancy boutiques - not that I go to those places.  But anyway.)  When I was a teenager, back before there was a real internet or such a thing as Hot Topic, we went to Goodwills and Army/Navies to find clothes and accessories.  I can't tell you how much I wish I knew how to use a sewing machine back then!

I love antique stores, too, though I find Antiquing to be more of a Blood Sport, and the stores themselves to be overwhelming.  I'm great in the first hour, bu after that I pfffft out.  (The last time I antiqued, the store already knew about the flour sack trend, so that was useless.) But I do like buying buttons and costume jewelry at these places.

One thing that I think it is pretty pointless to buy new, unless you absolutely love it, is kitchenware.  We having mixing bowls from IKEA, because I fell in love, but I would have done just as well going to Goodwill.  Glasses, serving trays, plates, teacups, mugs, silverware - no reason to pay full price.  It's already been fully established that these things don't need to match, and I've found that if you get things you love, they tend to go together, anyway.

So here are some recent aquisitions from Goodwill:

Wishbones or Antennae?

I find that I always need mid-sized glasses, as they tend to meet an early death.  I loved these because they are totally simple except the very mysterious insignia thereupon.  I really thought they were wishbones at first, which made me think why? Where did these come from?  There's no mark on the bottom of the glass, so who knows what the purpose is.  Then they kind of looked like butterfly antenna, which is even more baffling.

I'd be happy to hear any theories as to why these glasses exist, and what they mean.  I'm willing to humor any crazy theory, really.

The glasses in this photo are in front of one of my favorite things I've found at Goodwill:

I think it is actually a letter holder, but I use it as a napkin holder.  One buck for porcelain that you will never see in anyone else's house, ever.  So what if it looks, um, sideways a little.

I also have this theory that you should use your wedding or nice china if you have it.  Admit it - it's not HRH Royal China or a Presidential Dining Set, it's stuff you liked enough to beg your family and friends for, and it's probably replaceable if for some mysterious reason you DO need that 8th dessert plate.  I drink my coffee, every day, out of a cup & saucer, and even my Goodwill finds match.  Here's a cup & saucer from different sets (neither is my wedding china) living together in harmony:
The saucer is a vintage Mikasa that was part of a set that I picked up for ten bucks, but inexplicably it came with 20 saucers and no cups.  You can't even find the cups online! 
These are easily the most beautiful cups I've found at a Goodwill, so these break my I Wouldn't Cry if They Broke rule and therefore live in the Pie Safe.  I'm thinking about buying up more cups and saucers as part of my soon to start etsy venture.  More on that later!

This my final find from the last trip to Goodwill.  Lamp bases are either ugly or too expensive, andI had looked everywhere for a lamp base for the Artifact Room aka the Second Bedroom, and we found this beauty of a crystal base for a song at Goodwill!

Isn't it gorgeous?  I couldn't be happier.  The side table is one some of you may remember from several years ago from Urban Outfitters, and the cinnamon roll candle is from a local artist here in MN.

I was going to go into my favorite stuff from Valentines Day, but this entry is long enough on its own, so that and my newly completed scarf will have to wait.  I'll leave you with Scrabble enjoying her favorite home made toy!

Scabble tells the toy not to give her any of that crap


  1. Scabble is the best! The cups look amazingly delicate (keep them away from her!:D)

  2. awww yay I love those glasses! I vote wishbones.


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