Friday, December 31, 2010

Crafty Christmas

This Christmas was the finest so far in terms of making and receiving made gifts, as well as gifts to make things.  I am truly grateful to have people in my life who take the time to make things for me with their hands, and equally those of you who believe in me enough to give me supplies and items to help me improve.

For my girlfriends, I made these keychain pouches, a design by Anna at Noodlehead.  I also used zippers by Zipit, the only zippers I will from now on use. Anna was incredibly friendly and encouraging (as she was the last time I corresponded with her) and Zipit packaged my 10 zippers as lovingly as if I had ordered hundreds of them!

I was thrilled to learn how to make these - it gave me a lot of zipper education, and I finally learned how to make an inside out purse, a trick I can use to make a reversible bag if I want.  I think there may be a couple of ladies who haven't gotten theirs yet and if that is true - I'm sorry about giving it away!  But that doesn't mean you know which ones you are getting!

My husband has two adorable grandchildren, a 4 year old boy and 5 year old girl, and since I have never had kids, I am thrilled to make them things.  For Christmas I went all out - big or go home, right?  I had been itching to make the Belle Dress from Crafterhours for ages.  It's just such a cute dress, and I got a lot of help from Adrianna during the process.  I changed it a little - using flannel and a peasant top from Sew Liberated, but other than that retained the original design.
She ADORED it, and also immediately realized you could sleep in it, too, which was a plus.  I love that kids that age cannot yet fake happiness with a gift!

I wasn't quite sure what to make for his 4 year old grandson - I'm not any kind of an expert in 4 year old boys, and I only know broadly what boys that age think is awesome.  I remembered a rocketship from One-Yard Wonders, made it out of flannel and fleece, enlarging it by 50%.

My husband found the flag patch, which made the perfect finishing touch on the rocket pocket. Four year old boys can't fake being thrilled any more than 5 year old girls can, and he loved it!  It didn't hurt that the rocket was just about exactly his size!

I was overwhelmed by the arts & crafts gifts I received this year.  Thank you, everyone who believes enough in me to spend their hard-earned money on my crafts, and everyone who put so much effort into their handmade gifts.

Gifts to me
My first dress form. We call her "Betty."  And she's awesome.

I had one of these when I was a little girl!  From ModCloth.

Knitting supplies and two awesome books.  I can't wait to try out some of those self-made patterns out on Betty.
A beautiful hand-made eternity scarf and wristlets
Gorgeous earrings

A lovely bracelet
A pretty fabric selection!
I love notions SO MUCH.
I hope everyone's holidays were as bright and shiny as ours were.  I wish you many blessings and a very Happy New Year!


  1. A great column, Kim! I am so glad that you had a lovely Christmas. And I loved the make-up bag and jewelry you sent. You are awesome!

  2. This has been my most handmade Yule in recent memory! Nearly everyone on my list either got something I made especially for them, goodies to make their own creations, or both. Those few who did not received something handmade by another artisan. I love the shared creativity. May it wave long, high and inspirationally in the new year!

  3. I love this, my darling (and you, too, of course)! You really did an amazing job on the grandkids' gifts. Hit a absolute home run! You are such an incredibly talented person. Happy New Year!!

  4. I just loved the kids' reactions (though I have to admit, I was a bit of the kid, too!), and, I don't know, but it all felt more authentic somehow to gift and get made objects.

    Of course, dad went the exact opposite and gave me something I've also always wanted - the gift of not getting lost! He hit a home run with the TomTom. I love that thing.

  5. What fun gifts! I love all those zipper pouches - seeing them all stacked up together with all those colors made me smile. You have lucky friends! My daughter got some fashion plates for Christmas too but I've been playing with them more than she has!

  6. Thankyou so much for your comment on my blog!
    Oh, you've made some real treasures here for your lucky friends, what a thoughtful friend you are. I love that the little recipient of that beautiful yellow dress loved it so much she wanted to sleep in it too!

  7. cute cute pouches! and how fun to sew for grandchildren. :) looks like you had some lucky gift recipients!


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